The act of writing is, in itself, an art form. The evolution of human being, from peeling bananas to modern day physics, from creating the first cave painting to the printing press, has led to the written word and thousands of different languages, with thousands of different words; thousands of different symbols for different words with the same meaning.

To write well is a skill to be learned, not gifted upon us. Just as no Tumblr artist will tell you that they picked up the stylus one day and created a masterpiece, no author simply sat down and wrote a novel with no prior writing practise. Whether it’s emails, letters, essays – creative or comparative – a note to a friend or a journal, all practise helps.

Which leads nicely into my introduction.


Keeping a blog is something I was quite good at. I still am, to an extent. It wasn’t so much the keeping of the blog that was my problem, but rather the remembering of the passwords and usernames for the blog. Have I gotten better at that? Well, we’ll see in the time span between this post and my next.

Essentially, I am starting this particular blog to

a) Hone my writing skill into something fairly decent. Or, if not decent, then more comprehendible than what it is now.
b) Document my last year of compulsory education?
c) To speak up.

The last one is one of my New Year’s Resolutions, you see. If there is one thing I have learned from Lin Miranda’s smash Broadway musical, Hamilton, it’s that speaking up is 100% better than not speaking up; though it leads to more opposition, it also leads to more friends and a fuller life. Though this is all based on a musical based off the life of Alexander Hamilton, so I am not sure how sound this advice is yet. Give me a few months to try it out.

For those unaware, the name of this blog comes from that same musical: Hamilton’s obsession with writing is a huge inspiration for me.

Well, mandatory first update post out of the way. Stay tuned next time for something more interesting but slightly less about me, which is a definite shame.


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