Getting My Life Back Together?

After a rocky start to 2016, I’ve decided we will have a new New Years Day, where everyone can go and actually start their New Year’s Resolutions, rather than sit and mope in bed because January is the worst month in the world.

Sorry to those of you born in January. Not sorry for my comments, sorry you are born in January. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Obviously, there are some people who just… know what they’re doing. They’re on top of everything, balancing insane amounts of work with extra curricular activities and God know what else. I am both mad that these people exist and insanely jealous of them; they have the entire world at their feet when it takes me half an hour just to find my feet. The day I actually get up out of bed when my alarm clock goes off, rather than the latter side of twenty minutes later is the day my brother gets into the snake enclosure in the zoo. And he is petrified of snakes.

So my new New Year actually starts today, January 21st. Well, technically, it doesn’t start till February – that’s when my Bullet Journal begins – and my life is going to be 100% planned from there on out.
I suggest you guys do the same. If you’ve already found yourself not doing you’re resolution, just restart anew. Why should betting yourself just be saved for January. I have failed up to this point, but that doesn’t mean I have to fail for the whole year.

Which brings me to the other part of the blog. Slightly unrelated, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to link the two… My Sociology essays have at least taught me that.

I have decided to read 52 books in the year. That is, on average, a book a week, though some will take me far less time and some will take me far more. As of right now, I am reading The Illiad, the Greek tale of how a bunch of Trojans – who had been literally fighting the Greeks for years – decided that accepting the giant wooden horse left by their sworn enemy was a good idea. I am assuming that’s in the poem… I haven’t even gotten to Patroclus’ death yet.

No, these are not spoilers. The book (and legend) has been around for thousands of years.

I will obviously post a review of the books as I finish them, a compulsory part of a potential English Student’s blog, and let you know what I plan to read next in the next one. I was told to practise reading fast and a lot in preparation for my English course in September, so I am going to do the best I can.

Catch you later!



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