Studying English Literature and Creative Writing

The path we choose after compulsory education is completely and utterly our own. We can choose to go to university, we can opt out of it and get a job and start earning money while our friends get over £27,000 worth of student debts…

Naturally, I choose the former; contributing to society and getting and actual job spikes my anxiety levels to an all time high. Plus, believe it or not, I have loved – still do, actually – school for as long as I can remember and do not really want to leave the excitement of learning so much.

Now, I don’t know about a lot of you guys, but I think that, after 12 years of compulsory education and 2 of the worst years of my life in A Levels, we deserve to be a bit selfish. Or at least, I’m going to be.

The future is a big, blurry cloud of… well, nothing, really. There are only a few things I can see myself continuing for the rest of my life; reading, writing and playing guitar.
I am not a talented enough musician to Make It. But writing… writing is something you can improve, are always improving and it’s something I feel I am good at. Not really writing like this, writing facts and blog posts (the reason I have this blog is to practise this style of writing) but fictional pieces.

Gory, gruesome pieces. Anything weird and bloody…

There’s this need I have to justify why I am going down this route… I shouldn’t have to, but it’s there. Regardless of their career path, people need stories, distractions from their life and encouragement in the dark times. We all need to escape from something, and if everyone were focused on numbers and science, there would be nothing to distract them.

NASA want to get a shuttle to Mars by 2030. The Astronauts are going to need to read something on their flight…





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