My fortnight in a nutshell.

Last week was half term and, let me tell you, it did not come soon enough. Though I  had mock exams to revise for, an EPQ creative and critical piece to complete and music work that needed completing, I still managed to relax a bit, which was very welcome.

These mock exams though… Lets just say, when you have to exams in two days, it isn’t a good idea to study for only one of the exams in the lead up to that week. For instance, do not spend the Saturday and Sunday, the weekend before, studying purely English if you have Sociology on the Tuesday.

Like I did. Because, although the confidence I had in my English Lit mock was pretty high, I do not have the same expectations for my Sociology result. Oh well.

I drove on the A38 for the first time this week too… I am quite a slow driver normally and reaching 60mph did not sit well with my stomach. But I did it, and I’m really proud of that!

And… I finished watching BBC’s Dickensian, which I loved. My heart bleeds for Arthur and Amelia Havisham, and I love Jaggers so much. Speaking of Dickensian, I wrote my first fanfiction in over two years! Not my first fiction, I’ve been writing more and more of that, but I’m proud of this one… It’s not long, overly complex or boring!



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