I do this thing, right? I’m sure lots of other people do it to, but I do it a lot and it really is one of the things I love about being me.

Sometimes, when I read a new book, or watch a new TV show, or film, I fall in love with it. I soak my mind in the characters and their struggles, their romances or deaths, and I lose a bit of myself in them. This can go on for a few weeks, or months, or sometimes years. Weeks was The Dresden Files, months was House and years… Lord of the Rings.

As of Friday night, the latest love in my life is The Dead Poets Society film from 1989. I cannot get enough of this film.

I didn’t even like poetry and I love this film and now I like poetry slightly more than I did before. Because you can’t watch this film and not have an appreciation for the work of poets and their shaping of human culture, human society, humanity in general. It’s probably unsurprising that I cried watching it, and it certainly won’t be a surprise that I fell in love with the characters and the story, which I’m not going to write here other than Todd didn’t deserve it and Neil is my hero.

It has even inspired my to start writing my own poetry again, not that I am a poet… more of a faker, really.

I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone just because it is so damn good.


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