What Orlando (and humanity) has lost.

Today in Orlando, Florida, it is estimated that over 50 people were murdered at a gay club.

Each of these people had their own hope and dreams, families, friends, loved ones and ambitions. They loved and were loved in return, bringing a rainbow shaped ounce of joy and happiness into the world by being unapologetically themselves, in a space designed specifically for them, and to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, evil and darkness seeps it’s way into even the most loving of places.

A deprived creature (as he must have been to suffocate this measure of freedom), devoid of the ability to see love, murdered these people. He took their lives, and no reason, no excuse or logic behind it will ever be good enough. Because there is no reasoning or excuse and certainly no logic.

No remorse or guilt or, heaven forbid, apology, can ever be good enough. It was malicious and vile, and I hope he knows how evil he is for doing this, and I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that he lives the rest of his forsaken life suffering in a bare and bleak jail cell, tormented by the knowledge of what he has stolen from the world in the way of hope.

I doubt that he will, but I sincerely hope he does. And that, someday, his broken and nightmarish soul will engulf him, in the same way that his heartless and vicious act has engulfed my hope for humanity.




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