Feelings Upon Entering a Book Store.


Okay. I don’t really need anything, but I’ve got like 30 minutes to kill before work, so I’ll just pop in here and-

WOW look books! There’s so many books here I wonder if I can read them all. What are they all about? There are 6 different books on that one table, they’re pretty thick too… that has to be, like, at least 6 years worth of work… Maybe I should pick one up, you know, just to justify all the hard work the author/publisher/editor put in…

*Breaths deeply* No, Shannon, you can’t just buy books. You have a whole shelf at home dedicated to brand new books you haven’t read yet.

I’ll just… head to the Sci-fi and Fantasy section…

You know that’s just torturing yourself.

I’m gonna do it anyway. Holy crap! The new cover for this edition of The Hobbit is incredible, I have got to get it at some point! I mean, I know have a copy already, but it’s not THIS copy and-

There’s someone else in this section. Oh god oh no. There’s never anyone here, there’s like, 7 people in the shop and you decide to stand right next to me? Do I move out the way so he can look at this eye-meltingly gorgeous version of The Hobbit, or does that look like I’m being rude?

Just  gonna… turn and look at the comics instead… wish I got into them, but they’re not BOOKS. It’s not the same… Okay, he’s gone. Back to drooling over – NOPE eye caught by the Game of Thrones books – okay, I know I’m not getting them here because I need the whole series and that’s wayyyy too expensive at this shop but let’s read the blurb as though you haven’t already memorised it. Now put it back before you taint it’s majesty. Scanning eye along… finds 3 books already on my shelf. The “to be read” shelf. Now feel incredibly guilty for not reading them. Sorry authors, I’ll get around to it, I promise!

Okay… I already want everything in this section so lets go somewhere else… ew, adult fiction, pls no. Lol there’s no one here, let the shelves keep the romance novels. I’m here for… action? Is that the right word? Never mind.
Can I go to the Young Adult or Children’s section? Does that look odd… I don’t get asked for ID for alcohol anymore, it’s a bit weird for me to look at kids books, right? Though no one here knows I’m not buying for a sibling or cousin… Yeah, lets look at the – NEW RICK RIORDAN SERIES. WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE? Dammit I’m broke but OH MY GOD IT’S ABOUT THE NORSE MYTHS I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEM I HAVE TO READ THAT SERIES as soon as I get paid. You will be read and enjoyed. I swear, Norse God series, you won’t even be put on the “to be read” shelf. You’re getting read on the bus home.

But not today because the only thing in my purse are bus tickets, of varying expiration dates.

Let’s just… read the blurb. Of every book. And maybe the first chapter of the first book, you know, just to be sure I want to read it…

This is going straight on my amazon wishlist.

I should probably start heading towards the exit now I’ve been here for… 20 minutes? How has that gone so fast?? Let’s head towards the door and OH MY GOD STATIONARY. No, the stationary here is hella expensive for what you get but this one has vintage maps on and I need this in my life.

(You literally don’t travel anywhere?)

But it’s so cute… and also £23. I can feel my bank account draining just from holding it.

Okay, okay, walk to the front walk to the front… Man, I really love this place.


Well, I hope that was… I’m gonna go with interesting, but I’m not entirely sure that’s the right word. I’ve been going into town a lot more since I FINALLY got a job, so I’ve spent more and more time in bookshops. I’ve also spent more and more money in bookshops, but that’s an unresolved problem that will continue forever, probably, so nothing we can do about that. Anyway, these genuinely are my thoughts when in a bookshop, though a lot of the gaps are filled with me walking around in silent stupor.

I honestly do love bookshops; for whatever reason, they calm my permanently anxious state so much, it’s like a zen zone just being in one. Libraries are even better, but we recently got a brand new one in town and I still feel a little awkward going inside. I did take out Great Expectations though, and do like it a lot. I’ve never read a Dickens novel, and I just expected a really thick, long slog through the text, but it’s surprisingly easy to read. I sat down for one chapter today, and ended up reading three!



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