My Favourite Concert

A couple of weeks ago, I saw my first live gig. And it was incredible.

Area 11, my favourite band of all time ever, were touring to celebrate the release of their new album, Modern Synthesis (which is outstanding) and decided to come to Plymouth. No one I particularly like comes to Plymouth, so, naturally, I went and bought tickets to see them at The Underground.

Obviously, I listened to the album beforehand, so I was familiar with it’s sound and lyrics – necessary for someone with a penchant for singing along  – but live music is something else entirely.
For starters, I was blown away by how many people had turned out. The guy behind me and my friend in line was from Stonehenge. Someone had come across the pond and had been to everyone of the gigs on the band’s tour! And here I was at my first concert of theirs!

I couldn’t tell you anything about how they performed technically, even with a BTEC’s worth of music knowledge, because I was too in awe just being there. Seriosuly, I would not have noticed if the back of the venue had caught fire, I was so absorbed in good music and the jumping crowd around me. If you’ve never jumped wildly surrounded by 300 people doing the exact same thing, you’re missing out on an experience, because there is nothing like it at all.
Even now, I’m listening to Versus – which they performed – and still having the same feelings I did back then.

After the concert, I managed to talk to Parv and Sparkles* before heading home – the others either weren’t around or were swabbed by fans – and they were super nice about signing my arm (because I had nothing else for them to sign goddammit) and Sprakles* told me to go to more gigs, something I 100% intend to do because of how awesome this one was!

In short: Area 11 are the best, listen to all of their music and go see live music. Shannon out.


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