Summer Reading Update #2

Well, I’ve already failed in my summer target, but I do have some excuses behind this.

  1. I was given more shifts at work than I anticipated.
  2. The books on my list were mainly classic and difficult to read, so I kinda didn’t really want to read them
  3. There was just not enough time given to read each book.

Andddd… I’ve already bought two new books. But hey, it was results day, my results were good and Waterstones was having a buy one get one half price deal on sci-fi and fantasy.

I did manage to finish The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz, one of my favourite authors ever, and it was outstanding.
It’s a Sherlock Holmes story (set in Victorian England but written by Watson during the first World War) about a man who thinks a villain from his past is hunting him down to kill him. This tale twists and turns into something intensely complex and intriguing, crime and incriminations threading through the British Government itself. Holmes’ discovery is deeply shocking and heartbreaking, and I was very nearly moved to tears when finishing it during a long wait in the GP’s surgery, but it does capture a scarcely discussed aspect of Victorian London in a very enlightening way.

As for the writing, I could sing praises about Horowitz all day. He maintains his own style that I’ve come to love from his Power of Five series, but somehow still emulates Conan Doyle in the characterisations and language used. Definite recommendation from me – it’s much simpler to read than traditional Holmes’ stories, even though it’s twice the length of most!

Next, I’m reading The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller (I finally started watching a play through  of Dragon Age: Inquisition and have become a little obsessed with Mages) so I’ll update when I’ve finished!


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