Day One: Two Months On

Happy day one of Blog Every Day in November!

I’m not in the right place in my life to give NaNoWriMo a go, so this is my writing contribution for the world. Blogging every day for a whole month. Hopefully, at the end, I’ll be more likely to post blog posts, which is a good thing for every one. I think.

The theme for today’s post is on what’s changed in the past two months. Naturally, quite a lot of things have.

1) Work

This time two months ago, I was at work. Over the summer, I started working at a well known shoe shop, and miraculously managed to keep it when my original contract ended. That hasn’t changed – I still work there, but I’m better about working there.

I don’t panic about getting there, I don’t worry if I’m doing okay, I don’t worry about what my co-workers think of my anymore. It’s a nice feeling, to go from constant panic to what I assume is normality.

2) University

Obviously, I wasn’t at university two months ago. There wasn’t even any worry about uni two months ago. No crippling anxiety about interviewing people… that I do miss. I miss not having to go up to strangers and ask them what they think of a particular topic, or for information.

It’s obviously a lot bigger than this tid-bit, but I’ve planned a uni post for the 11th, and I wanna keep this one quite short, so I don’t scare people from reading.

3) Friends

Partly uni related, but two months ago, I wasn’t sure what would happen with my friends. There was a huge drama with one of them (now an ex-friend) ditching my group for no reason, and I wasn’t sure how some of us going to uni would affect the dynamics.

Nothing’s changed. We’re still creepily close, meet up weekly, chat in our horrific group chat all the time.

Wait, it isn’t true that nothing’s changed. We’ve added some more people – we’ve expanded rather than shrunk, which is lovely. I hope it doesn’t change.

4) Home

I know a lot of these are  linked to uni, but it’s kind of a big deal and changes so much that I can’t really avoid it.
I’ve changed where I live.

Home is weird. Home is my house, a 40 minute walk from where I am now, with most of my family, my dog and my childhood inside. Home is where I go once a week to make sure my family are ok and get a hug from my Dad that I didn’t think I’d miss as much as I do.

My uni flat is called home because it’s where I spend most of my time, and it’s nice to live in. No matter how many pictures I put up, how many balloons or post-it-notes, or books I decorate with, it’s not home.
It doesn’t have to be home – I’m very conflicted regarding how I feel about it. So we’ll move on.

5) Music

There’s a more comprehensive post about music coming tomorrow, but I can’t help but mention it here.

My music tastes haven’t changed at all. The hipster acoustic music, the quirky musicals and the Fall Out Boy are still being listened too daily.

What has changed is my own music. My confidence in playing guitar and singing – the walls in halls are very thin so being scared of people hearing you is not an option.


And a list of stuff that’s changed since September 1st. And all of them have changed for the better, so, for once, I don’t have anything to complain about on my blog. What a lovely change!

See y’all tomorrow!





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