Day 4: A Poem

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, editing it as I waited for a good time. With the recent announcement of the expansion at Heathrow, and the continual discussion about fracking, I thought now was a good time. Hope you like this one! See you tomorrow.

Breaths of Green Air

The unrepentant, angular and angrier tink of metal on metal

Disrupts the slumbering melodies of dreams and wishes,

To achieve global dominance.

For our ancestors, the gleam of cogs and whirring of

Smoke filled factory floors

Was the unreal, was just as unimaginable and unattainable

As the brush strokes and ashen sigils which now appear magically on paper.


If beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder,

We are all living as Moles under this cursed earth; repellent

Blackness spreads on water, crisp air replaced by a mockery

Designed to trick our lungs, and we burrow further into the burning,

Acidic soil.

 Unlike our counterpart, there will be no kindly Rat to

Pull us from our filth into the beauty of the world.

The rats are the rulers of the wasteland.


Plastic calling to plastic, metal against metal,

These thoughtful bullies face off against themselves,

Each the devil spawn of a separate Lucifer (of

Which there are hundreds across the globe) who vie for title of Ultimate Sin.


Living without each – now as impossible as living without air.

Untainted air, that is.

Our lives consumed by mines and drillings and toxic convenience;

We know no better.

Safe in bubbles of tar and viscous, rainbow fluid,

Ignoring the sounds of coughing, choking, CPR,




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