Day 5: On Alcohol

This post was supposed to be next week, according to the schedule. However, the music related one can’t go up, because I forgot to take out some recording equipment for the weekend, so here we are instead.

There’s really only one reason I don’t drink, and, for once, it’s not as pretentious as I usually am.

When I’m really struggling with anxiety and stress and worry, I can have panic attacks – my breathing gets really short, my heart feels like it’s going to explode and every thing I’ve ever done wrong in my entire life flashes before my eyes; it really isn’t a fin experience.

But when it passes – and it always passesĀ – I’m left feeling shaky, weak and like I’m wading through air.

And that’s the same feeling I have when drunk. Or, not drunk, because I’m not sure I’ve ever had enough to be drunk. But when I’m tipsy, I guess you could say.

And since the associationĀ I have with that feeling is panic attacks, I’d rather not be reminded of it. Especially when I’ve drank and am more liable to talk about personal stuff.


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