Day 7: Cutting My Hair

I’ve never ever been a fan of hairdressers; I have a weird aversion to my neck being touched, and it’s just a hugely awkward experience.

So for the past two years, I’ve been cutting my own hair. It’s actually worked out really well, because my hair’s always been long. If something goes wrong, I add in some layers and no one notices.

Generally speaking, I don’t cut off a lot, so people don’t know it’s been cut.

Since I’m blogging daily, I thought I’d document the process for you lovely people!

Disclosure: I do not know anything about hairdressing. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right, I just know it works for me. Please don’t blame me if you slip up with the scissors.


So young to have lost so much…

Here I am before the cut. I realise I’ve never showed you what I look like – nothing special, believe me. At this point, it’s been about a month and a half since I last cut it, but I fancied a change. My hair grows super fast; it’s usually around three – four inches longer than






Looking a bit nervous, are we


So, first things first, I tie up a portion of my hair so I start with the bottom most section. From this I decide my starting length and cut everything else based on that.

Bringing all my hair in front of my shoulders makes it easier to cut the back parts.

I wanted my hair just above my shoulders, so that’s where I cut it.

Phew! No going back now.

Doing one side at a time, after each snip, I like to make sure it’s all level first.



Good thing triangles are my fave shape!


So I cut the other side like so:



Mum always said that if my hair was short, I would look like a triangle. This is, I think, what she meant. It’s okay though, we’re only one layer into the process.

Next, I take down some of my hair from the bun, and tie up a smaller amount, before cutting all of that hair to the same length. There are no photos of this, because it’s the same as before.

Next, I like to add in layers. This stops the triangle from looking so pointed.

I don’t hate it.


Now, because the layering is a three step process (at least, it is for me) these layers are a bit longer than I like. That’s okay; I like the balance from the middle section because I think it makes a more rounded look. You’ll see what I mean.

At this point, I was a bit scared; I haven’t had hair this short in a long time, and I’ve never done it myself. Still, it looks okay, no major slip ups.

So I do the same again – take down the bun and cut the hair to the same length as the

Needs a bit of tidying.

base layer. Except, this time, I cut all the hair.


I think this is it with the layers. Looks softer, right? I added in some more cuts here and there till I was happy with the end result and boom!


Styled and everything!


This is the end result. I’m quite happy with it!

Overall, I’m happy with it. It’ll take some adjusting because it’s so short, but I think it makes me look older. I don’t know.

Can’t wait for mum to see it…

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a look into not kissing people!



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