Day 8: My Fear of Presenting.

Just to update you, I’m still doing Journalism at Marjon University. I still go to lectures, and do work, and readings, and interviews, recording  etc etc, on top of all of this blogging I’m doing.

I maybe should have thought this whole blogging thing through.

We have a Live News Day coming up, where we’re doing a full length, live radio show broadcast live around the university. Did I mention it was live?

It’s probably no surprise that I’m terrified of this day. Not being a fan of speaking into microphones at the best of times, being live means you can make no mistakes because, once you do, they’re already out and the world. You can’t take the words back, can’t delete or edit or retract what you’ve said, you can only hope people move on and forget the horrendous, life altering mistake you’ve made.

Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forwards this. Until.

We picked groups and then we picked roles. I wrangled the Producer role which I was desperate for – you don’t have to speak into a mic, you’re not on the air. My role is, essentially, to organise the timings and scripts, report to the Editor, and push the buttons.

Yes, this is causing me to panic a little because holy hell there’s more that goes into producing than I thought, but it’s good panic. It’s the “I have so much to do” panic, but it means I know what has to get done, when, by whom and make sure I have a copy of it.

Basically, I have the role that will best soothe my anxiety and I couldn’t be happier!

Well, I could, but participation in the news day is part of our graded assignment, so I’m as happy as I can be.



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