Day 11: I missed yesterday’s post and here’s why

Let me just say, I’m sorry for missing yesterday’s post. I was in town all day and visited home, so I was planning on writing it when I got back.

And then proceeded to spend the evening feeling like I was about to throw up.

It’s something that happens with my own experience of anxiety – I come over very nauseous and unwell and can’t do anything except sleep it off.

So I texted mum and she phoned me at like 11pm at night to make sure I didn’t have meningitis – I’ve had the jab so it wasn’t meningitis –  and help calm me down because I don’t cope well with illness and am likely to think it’s far worse than it is.

Turns out, it was the same as when I first became physically ill due to anxiety. It just lasted a hell of a lot longer. I woke up still feeling sick this morning, had to cancel singing at the remembrance service and shopping with a friend because I felt so bad.

It’s now 1:20pm and I’ve felt ill since 10pm last night. I suppose it doesn’t help that all I’ve eaten since waking up at 5am was a shortbread biscuit and half a tub of jelly. I have a bread roll in the oven though, so I’m going to eat something properly.

So that’s why I didn’t upload anything last night. Stress related sickness and anxiety related paranoia. I’m gonna go and catch up on some Yogcast videos because I haven’t seen any in forever and need the distraction.

Promise I’ll post something normal tomorrow x


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