Day 12: Favourite Books as a Kid

Whenever I went into town as a kid, the only place I wanted to go was Waterstones. There was a point in my childhood, when I was about seven or eight, when we would go into town about twice a month and I never left without a new book.

All pocket money and birthday money went on books, on collecting books from a series, only to get distracted halfway through by a new series and start collecting them. The most frustrating thing for me, as an eight year old, was if they didn’t have the next book I needed to complete the set.

This happened a lot with the Secret Seven collection of books – they never had certain ones, so eventually I gave up collecting them.

I still own copies of most of the books I loved as a kid:

Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

I think I started reading this when I was nine?

The first in this series was a birthday present from a family member, and I adored this series. It’s about twins (as a twin, stories about them have a special place in my heart) who meet historical figures, creatures from myth and legend.

The only issue was that I got a kindle when I was 13, and now have half the series as book, and half on kindle. It’s a bit annoying, but that’s my fault.

This may have been the first series I cried at the ending of.


I wish I still owned this trilogy. Got them when I was 10, read them when I was 10, went to a charity shop when I was 14.

It’s about a girl who loves to read, and bringing characters to life through reading.

The Secret Series

I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to tell you anything about these books. I signed a contract.

Percy Jackson

There are some Percy Jackson books sitting on my shelf at uni right now. Centred on Greek myth and legend, these books are the best and I think they should be required reading in schools but then, what do I know? They should be read by everybody.

There are so many more books I loved as a kid, but these are the ones I recall loving and obsessing over for a long time. What are some of your favourite books?

See you tomorrow for some more discussion on music!






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