Day 13: Performing

I love performing live. It’s clichéd and silly, but when you’ve worked incredibly hard on learning a song, and you know it sounds good, there’s no better feeling than sharing it with people.

Most of my time on stage has been in school – BTEC Music requires a few performances – and most of them were really good. A few were… a bit crap and may mean that I can never listen to the Goo Goo Dolls Iris ever again, but I’m working past that.

There was one time I wasn’t in school… The first time I got my guitar strings changed (after playing guitar for ten years I still can’t do them myself lol) I was in town with friends and we had a little jam session in the city centre. This older woman came up to us and it was clear she was looking for somewhere to put money, but we weren’t busking so we ignored her.

Aside from the fact that I was terrified of being shouted at by strangers, it was fun! I would like to go busking properly, but I’m working on that too. I need to learn more songs first.

For me, it’s easy to feel powerful on stage. You have control of a room full of people and, depending on the song you’re playing, you can manipulate them any way you like. I like making audiences laugh, so I play silly stuff, but one of my friends has this knack for singing sad songs and I’m so envious of that because I can’t manage it like her.



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