Day 16: How to survive without any internet

Protip: you can’t.

The internet in our flat went down yesterday, hence no upload, so I thought I’d make a little survival guide of how to live when you don’t have any internet.

Then yesterday happened and I remembered what a wreck I am without the internet.

After going in town yesterday, I wanted to get a bit of work down. You know, spend some time with friends balanced out with actual work to be graded, so I didn’t feel so guilty about not being productive.

The work I wanted to do needed the internet – it was group work and the other members of my group had emailed me stuff – it’s a whole thing.

Obviously, I didn’t have the internet. Which meant I couldn’t do the work I had planned.

The thing with my anxiety – when something ruins the plans you’ve set, you get thrown off course. So, because I couldn’t do the work I wanted, I was shoved down a path of fear and uncertainty, instead of productivity and happiness.

Because I was off centre, I couldn’t make my brain focus on the OTHER work I wanted to get done. Not having the internet, there was nothing to actually distract me from thinking, which is the worst possible thing to do, so I was…

Well, I wasn’t in a good place.

I’m okay now! I just, wasn’t then.

And that’s why you need the internet.


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