Day 17: Jobs and Dreams

So I guess today is the day. The day I tell you all about what I want from life. The day I say things I’m pretty sure I haven’t said to anyone.

Jobs are different to dreams, right? Sort of, I’ve got a job at the moment, but it’s not a dream? I want to work as a speech writer in politics, but even that… that’s a career goal. I still don’t think that’s a dream of mine.

My dream is to tell stories. That’s all I want to do – write stories, communicate with people, entertain them and distract them from this crazy world for a while.

I’m not sure in what form; I wanted to write a novel for a long time, and that is a definite dream of mine, but now I just want to tell stories.

If I can turn this into a job – particularly media based – then that’s awesome. A+ for me, get to do what I love and be paid for it. If not, I’ll keep sharing stuff on my blog. I’ll do something else, because I’m okay with having a job I don’t love.

I think it stems from not being able to tell stories well verbally – I tumble over words, mix things up, start from the middle, talk in a language no one understands – so I have to make up for it by communicating in words.



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