Day 21:Why I’m Awesome

To counter yesterday’s depressing note, let’s go, now, to the stuff that make’s me a pretty decent human being.

#1: I’m actually pretty fun to hang out with

Depending on your level of weird, I can actually be pretty cool – I can’t guarantee laughs, but you might huff through your nose a couple of times while chilling with me, and that, I think, is worth it my friend.

#2: I’m not Donald Trump

That’s always a plus right?

#3: There will be something musical going on

At any time there is a song running through my head, so, chances are, I’ll be able to sing something at any moment throughout the day. There are no promises on the quality of the singing, but there will be singing. It’s actually harder to shut me up…

#4: Kindness if my forte

This is something I pride myself on – I try to be as kindhearted and just nice to people as I can. And I think I do a pretty good job, ngl.

#5: My taste in music is the BOMB

Not only will I fill lives with music, I will fill lives with amazing music. This is probably my best skill.

#6: I’m not a bad writer…


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