Day 23: A Journey of Writing

Not a literal journey I’m afraid; I don’t really go any where.

Today, readers, we look at a journey in actually liking your creative content.

I’ve always found it difficult to say I like what I make. Something about me saying “I’m proud of this thing, look at this thing I made isn’t it good, I worked super hard on it!” feels like bragging, like I’m desperate for attention.

I mean. I am desperate for attention. Most people who create stuff want to be noticed for it, that’s why we put it into the world.

But I’ve always though there was a difference in sharing something with the world hoping people would like it, and sharing something you’re proud of.

Take this poem for example; I’m incredibly proud of this poem. I worked really hard on it, and I think it’s the best I’ve ever written. And this is the reason I’m making this post – I can say I like it.

I can read it back and not think “wish I hadn’t done that, should have added this” blah blah blah.

Reading it back now, 6 months later? I’m still really proud of it. It’s inspiring to look back on a piece of writing you’ve done and think “wow I can actually make decent stuff,” especially when you’re going through a bit of a block haha no I’m okay, honestly.

There were long stretched of the A38 to pass through a couple of years ago. I did get stopped on the tolls a couple of times by some negative people, and there was a traffic jam in year 12 that lasted a whole year that I don’t want to get into.

But eventually, I’m… where’s somewhere happy and positive? Brighton?

To keep this weird metaphor alive, I started in Plymouth with a cringe-y short story about knives, and now I’m in Brighton staring at a poem I want to put my name at the bottom of. And I’m so proud of that, even if it sounds conceited.



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