Day 24: Write Every Thought

When I was planning the November blogs, I thought this one would be the easiest because it didn’t really need planning. Or editing.

It’s literally me just typing what I think as the words are thought – this is probably why it won’t make a lot of sense.

It’s how I got through my first panic attack though, so this is probably the most therapeutic post I could make. It actually falls on a really good day to be honest though, because I’ve been ‘on edge’ all day.

(That’s the term I use when I’ve been feeling really anxious.)

There was some choir stuff yesterday that I panicked about at 2am last night, and then again this morning, and I didn’t eat something until like half 12 this afternoon which wasn’t great.

FYI, I’ve eaten properly now. Made a stir-fry with sweet chilli sauce and damn it was good.

I’m literally now eating chocolate spread from the jar and if that doesn’t say student life I don’t know what does.

Speaking of eating things, does anyone one how to eat a persimmon?

Oh! Turns out, you just eat it like an apple. It tastes kind of like apple and a hazelnut had a baby and you covered it in maple syrup. I am a fan. Thank you Tesco for reducing them!

Is this even entertaining to you guys? I guess not, my thought processes bore even myself sometimes – I get bored in the middle of a thought and am like “shut up Shannon” to myself, which is actually kind of depressing not that I think about it. I’m gonna stop, because I feel like I’m rambling.

And I know that’s the point of this, but it’s not even funny rambling anymore it’s one of those tangents where you just gradually get quieter till people just eventually stop hearing your voice.


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