Semester A: I survived!

Well, friends, I’ve gone home for the holidays, and although I have a deadline January 4th, I can pretty much say that I’ve finished my first semester of university.

Oh my god. That was the fastest three months of my life.

In order for this post to make sense, I thin I’m going to have to break it up into sections and subheadings and all the rest – otherwise, we could get a little incoherent and ramble-y, and we don’t want that.

Living Alone

This was very different to how I imagined it: in my head, as a flat, we’d be cooking for each other, having meals together, going for food shops together – but it just doesn’t really happen. Moreover, none of my friends are doing it either.

I keep myself to myself, because that’s who I am as a person, but I started off the semester feel like I wasn’t really involved – that was my issue, not my flatmates – but over the past few weeks, I feel better about it. Nothing’s really changed, I just don’t feel like it’s a barrier anymore.

None of the other things about living alone – shopping, cooking, cleaning etc – have been a problem for me, but than, I wasn’t worried about them in the first place. Oh, except for the noise.

That still pisses me off, but what can you do? It’s Halls, it’s gonna be noisy.


Now, strangely, I didn’t think of the academic side when I was worried about going to uni – I was too busy being terrified of Freshers, and not drinking through Freshers.

Lectures aren’t as… formal… as I envisioned. This might be because my uni is quite small, and my course is tiny, so lecture’s are more open discussions than I thought they’d be. We just join in, which is nice!

The work is pretty much what I thought though – portfolios of articles, audio clips etc – though this creative project we have to complete for May threw me a little off balance!

So far, I’ve loved what we do; I’ve panicked and stressed and wondered if I’m doing the right thing, but I’ve loved it, which I wasn’t expecting, to be totally honest! Liking the course, yes. Loving it, nope.


This is my actual paid job now, rather than uni work; it’s not exciting anymore.

At first, I was buzzing, because it was my first contracted paid job, and I was terrified, because it was my first contracted paid job, and I had no clue about any of the conventions regarding anything.

Now… I like it. I’m glad I work where I do. But I’m not excited about it being my first job anymore, which I’m okay with.

In general

The creative writing I do has taken a back seat for the last three months, probably because writing the articles for my portfolio takes a lot of creative energy and it’s hard to do extra stuff at the moment. Particularly after my attempts at blogging through November. Over the new year, I want to get back into it, and start posting some more creative stuff on here – poems and short stories and stuff.

I haven’t finished reading a fiction book since mid October, when I finished the Curious Incident… though I’ve started reading 2 books in that time. Again, over the Holidays, because I don’t have a lot left to do on the work due in January, I’m going to read more.


In the next couple of weeks or so – probably in the run up to new year to be frank – I’m going to be blogging about planning, why It’s necessary for me, how I go about it, and what’s going to change in the new year.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, but since I’m going to change things up for 2K17, I thought I’d wait until then. So look forward to that! Or don’t, if planning’s not really your thing!

Thanks for sticking with me through the last three months – the view count has really increased in that time, so thank you for that as well!


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