Looking at representation through a Fade Rift

Dragon Age Inquisition is a fantasy role playing game created by Bioware. It is the third in the game series, and though I haven’t played Origins, the first one, so I can’t say it’s the best, I’m enjoying it waaaaaay more than Dragon Age 2.

There are a lot of reasons I love this game – beautiful scenery, addictive story lines and a combat system that mean I, the utter novice, can mash buttons and hope for the best – there is one reason I wanted to play this game at all.

Dorain Pavus.

Much has been said online of Dorian, and I’m going to add to the pot because if you can’t talk about decent representation and favourite characters on your blog, then where can you do it?

Dorian is a mage from the land of Tevinter, an evil place where the power is held by blood magic, who you marry, and how many slaves you can own.
He was left after his family tried to alter his mind with blood magic, travelled through time and now wants to help the Inquisition save the world.
He’s witty and charming and he damn well knows it too, and he’s not afraid to spill his wealth and background pretty much all over the place.

Oh, also, he’s gay and I adore him.

See, Dorian is what representation should be. His background matters, that he’s gay matters to the story line, he has a whole character quest centred around it. People don’t like him because he’s the ‘gay one’ though, people like him because he’s a posh, smarmy, git, and knows how to carry it off.

He knows who he is, and loves who he is; how many of us in the real world can say the same?

Sera (only one name) is a completely different story. She is also gay, but it doesn’t feature at all in the story. It’s not relevant to her background, so it’s only mentioned in passing, like when her and one of the male characters discuss how hot a girl was in one of the villages.

Bioware shows how easy it is to include queer people in media.

Krem, a transgender guy is one of my favourites and I know it won’t happen but I’m preying he’ll become a main character in the next Dragon Age game. Like Dorian, his background is relevant to his backstory , and there is a fun cut scene where it’s brought up, but he’s not the ‘trans character’. He’s a fighter, loyal, funny…he’s ‘one of Bull’s men,’ first and foremost, gender identity be damned.

It’s so important to have LGBTQ+ characters shown in media, to show people that they’re just as normal, just as validated as straight/cis people. But it also goes a long way in showing straight/cis people that queer people exist and we’re not going away, and they can’t make us.

Whether we make it a part of our backstories, or just another aspect of our personality, you can’t ignore us without missing out a huge portion of what makes the game fun.


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