Revamped and Reworked

As you can see, lovely reader, I’ve changed up my blog a lil bit.

We spent a lot of time in lectures making an online portfolio – that’s the new menu link – and it kind of made me realise that, although I love writing on here, there is no structure.
For the past year and a bit, this blog has been a dumping ground of thoughts and ideas. There’s no structure, no theme running through that ties everything together, which would be nice.

In order to find this, I went back and looked over my posts, and lo and behold, they most commons ones were anxiety related.
The thing is, I never wanted to be an anxiety blog. I didn’t want to just write about how scared I am of everything and my irrational thoughts and blah blah blah.

I figured no one would care.

But… I’ve been suffering with this mental illness for a good few years now, and, at times, I can manage it pretty well. So let’s do a guide?

A guide to living with anxiety. A guide to how I personally cope with seemingly impossible tasks, and how I don’t cope with the necessary ones, because I think it’s important to see that I am still a complete mess.

I’m now just a mess with experience.


(FYI that doesn’t necessarily mean the other stuff will stop – the media stuff, the social justice stuff… we’ll just predominately be looking at mental health conditions from here on out.)


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