Why can’t we talk about it?

And I don’t mean in the sense of it being taboo. I don’t think it’s so taboo anymore. Well, for the particular mental health issue that I have; so many others are overlooked or ignored or blamed as the root cause of the misuse of guns, but that’s for another blog post.

More specifically, why is it so hard for people with anxiety to talk about their anxiety?

Personally, this stems from people wanting to know what it is that’s making me anxious. Then, when I tell them, not understanding why it’s making me anxious.

It’s very obvious to someone with anxiety that there is no logical reason for them to be worrying. We know the thing isn’t going to kill us. We know being late wont get us fired from our jobs. We know going to party and wanting to leave early wont make our friends hate us. But…

What if?

What if it does?

Fears aren’t logical. I am petrified of spiders and caves and giant worms, but I have no reason to be. I have friends scared of heights, of small spaces, of public speaking, and there’s no logical reason behind them either.

I find it very hard to explain why I’m scared of spiders or giant worms. I don’t know why I’m scared of them. The same way I don’t know why I’m scared of going to parties, or being drunk, or interviewing people, or being late.

The fears you have may not make sense, but they are very real. The fears people with anxiety have may not make sense, but they are very real. Anxiety is being worried about things that most people do on a daily basis. That doesn’t make them any less scary.

You guys without an anxiety disorder… you know how fear feels. You understand what’s going through our heads.


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