Anxiety made me physically ill.

My anxiety disorder often comes with physical symptoms… usually nausea and bloating, something intense stomach cramps and dizziness. In fact, a doctor I visited told me that I have ‘anxiety related IBS’ which means I experience IBS when I go through bad patches, which is why I’m really not supposed to eat or drink certain things.

‘Supposed to.’

I mean… I’m still a student at place where all of the student union events are sponsored by Dominos…

I should go from the beginning.

As I mentioned in my last post, sorting out work shifts makes me incredibly anxious, and I’ve been having difficulties with this particular change for a while.
Saturday night, I couldn’t sleep, and was planning out in my head what I would say when I asked about swapping these hours… and this made me worry more so I couldn’t sleep more…

I ended up really ill over a toilet at 6:30 on Sunday morning.

This was the first time my anxiety has made me physically ill, and I think i did it to myself.

Sometimes our brains can’t stop wondering and tripping us into holes… in circles, imagining the worst possible outcomes. I’m used to it, most of the time… occasionally it still throws me off.

Everyone reacts differently to their disorder. I don’t tend to hyperventilate, and people don’t really notice if I do have a panic attack.

How is it for you? How do your symptoms manifest themselves?


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