It’s been a year? Bloody hell.

A year and a half ago I met my best friend.

Surprisingly good at Cards Against Humanity for someone who doesn’t swear, I met Joe at a university event on the day after we moved in.

And I swear, after talking and chatting for a few days, it was like I’d known him forever. We’d talk about things I hadn’t shared with anyone, he understood who I was and my views and my worldview in an instant, because it was so similar to his own.

Finding a person who knows you like that… it’s a weird feeling. It’s a kind of vulnerability, but you know you can trust them with it. Like they can hold your cracked and broken pieces and not cut themselves.

It took us  6 months to get together. Apparently, everyone around us either know it was going to happen, or were completely surprised that we did. Dunno what that says about us but  apparently we’re cute.

In the beginning, everything was slow, careful, relaxed. Everything is still relaxed. It’s easy spending time together, it’s natural as air. I’m very luck to have someone like Joe in my life.

We started going out a year ago and it’s been a wonderful year. Thank you Joe. I love you.



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